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Hyatt Columbus

Average Price: $189  
Hotel Class:
75 East State Street
Columbus, 43215 View map  
4-Star Hotel Rank: 7 of 8
Average review rating: 3.81
OpinionWell Value Index: 8
Traveler reviews analyzed: Expedia (39) , MyTravelGuide (18) , TripAdvisor (165) , YahooTravel (31)
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66% wrote positive comments about pillow
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comfortable (7)   nice (2)   spacious (2)    
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1. The room was spacious, clean and new with a comfortable bed and pillows.
"Newly renovated room " Read full review on TripAdvisor   5/7/2012 Vote      
2. The bed was very comfortable and there was a nice variety of pillows.
"Nicer than most Hyatts " Read full review on TripAdvisor   3/9/2010 Vote      
3. The only positive things I can say is that overall the bed and pillows were comfortable, the bathroom was spacious and the workout area had a nice view of the State Capitol Building from the 22nd floor.
"Not up to 4 star standards " Read full review on TripAdvisor   4/10/2009 Vote      
4. However, the beds were wonderful and the pillows were great.
"A nice hotel as long as you don't have neighbors! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   2/2/2009 Vote      
5. It had the typical Hyatt bedding and pillows, very comfortable.
"Nice hotel " Read full review on TripAdvisor   1/19/2009 Vote      
6. I love the big fluffy pillows and beds.
"Great Hotel " Read full review on TripAdvisor   3/8/2008 Vote      
7. Luxurious with bolsters, extra pillows and a down comforter.
"Capitol Square Gem " Read full review on TripAdvisor   8/28/2007 Vote      
8. It's a twin with one pillow and straps on its base.
"Two terrible room choices " Read full review on TripAdvisor   4/25/2012 Vote      
9. When we requested non-down pillows and comforter, they were brought promptly.
"Sheraton Columbus gives mixed vibes " Read full review on TripAdvisor   3/27/2012 Vote      
10. He had not, however, brought any pillows.
"We slept in a conference room. " Read full review on TripAdvisor   6/26/2009 Vote      
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