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Hyatt Columbus

Average Price: $189  
Hotel Class:
75 East State Street
Columbus, 43215 View map  
4-Star Hotel Rank: 7 of 8
Average review rating: 3.81
OpinionWell Value Index: 8
Traveler reviews analyzed: Expedia (39) , MyTravelGuide (18) , TripAdvisor (165) , YahooTravel (31)
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1. ) When we asked to talk to the manager about the room we were given vs the photos on the website we were told that they will be remodeling and the photos reflect what the rooms WILL look like when it's finished.
"What a disappointment!! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   2/20/2012 Vote      
2. The hotel got a strike for not answering at the front desk when we called to complain, however when we went down to speak with the front desk in person, the manager acted swiftly and got us connected with the front desk staff who politely accommodated our request for a new room.
"Impressive service " Read full review on TripAdvisor   9/13/2011 Vote      
3. We filed an incident report and I held off from posting this until today because we were supposed to hear from the Valet Manager by yesterday at the latest, but of course have not heard anything.
"Don't valet here and if you have to take all of you valuables " Read full review on TripAdvisor   3/3/2011 Vote      
4. My boyfriend placed a call to the manager and told him all that had happened.
"Worst hotel experience EVER!!! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   1/6/2011 Vote      
5. Recommend they rename it Club Darby's, install a disco ball, and provide ear plugs to hotel patrons, or get a manager who can control their guys gone wild.
"Stay Away from the Bar " Read full review on TripAdvisor   8/9/2010 Vote      
6. But my inglorious night was free, because I would let a truck run over me before I would pay ONE PENNY and I advised the self-important, unapologetic manager of same.
"Greeted at Arrival by Four Pubic Hairs " Read full review on TripAdvisor   5/27/2010 Vote      
7. Or shall we start with the dismissive manager who offered to move us 2 adults and 2 children under 3--to another side of the building to a similar room at the same cost.
"Greeted at Arrival by Four Pubic Hairs " Read full review on TripAdvisor   5/27/2010 Vote      
8. We called and the manager brought some up unfolded.
"Stayed August 1,2008 " Read full review on Expedia   8/5/2008 Vote      
9. The most disappointing peice of this was the managers attitude towards the misleading photos, like it's 'ok' to falsely advertise your product.
"What a disappointment!! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   2/20/2012 Vote      
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