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Hotel 1000

Average Price: $199  
Hotel Class:
1000 First Avenue
Seattle, 98104 View map  
4-Star Hotel Rank: 5 of 20
Average review rating: 4.62
OpinionWell Value Index: 4
Traveler reviews analyzed: BedBugRegistry (2) , Expedia (70) , Priceline (8) , Travelocity (3) , TripAdvisor (549) , YahooTravel (3)
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80% wrote positive comments about pillow
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clean (2)   coffee (2)   comfortable (4)   enjoy (2)   extra (2)   soft (2)   starbucks (2)   towel (2)   turndown (2)   well (2)    
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1. Two staff came to prep it and brought extra pillows and blankets---they were friendly and efficient.
"Probably the best hotel experience, EVER! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   5/3/2012 Vote      
2. so neat and clean with a wonderfully comfortable bed and perfectly soft square bed pillows.
"hotel 1000 " Read full review on TripAdvisor   4/25/2012 Vote      
3. Our room's furnishings all showed wear, which surprised me given the price of our room $400+, but the high quality sheets and pillows made for a wonderful night's sleep.
"In-City Luxury - mostly " Read full review on TripAdvisor   3/17/2011 Vote      
4. Regardless, I spent well over $1500 on a trip to the emergency room for steroid shots and oral prescriptions, dry cleaning of clothes and jackets, bug inspections for the house/bedroom (in case we brought them back in the suitcase), and new beddings/pillows/mattress covers.
Read full review   11/12/2010 Vote      
5. Every night they come to your room remove that fancy pillows and prepare your bed for sleeping, they also pull the shades and leave candy.
"Treated like a queen " Read full review on TripAdvisor   6/28/2010 Vote      
6. My husband loved the pillows, but I prefer a firmer one, which they sent up immediately.
"Above and Beyond in Every Area! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   4/21/2010 Vote      
7. The pillows were too soft for my taste.
"Not impressed " Read full review on Expedia   2/3/2010 Vote      
8. Beds are comfortable and pillows as well.
"Hotel 1000 is the best hotel I have stayed at in Seattle! And I'm picky. " Read full review on TripAdvisor   9/3/2009 Vote      
9. The king-sized bed was super comfortable, with nice feather pillows.
"Absolutey perfect time at Hotel 1000! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   2/1/2008 Vote      
10. They made us reservations at their restaurant, were ridiculously kind to us and always said hi, gave us a 'how are things' and brought us towels and pillows within 5 min of our requests.
"Amazing treatment for a "nobody" - place was awesome. " Read full review on TripAdvisor   11/14/2011 Vote      
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