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Wyndham Milwaukee

Average Price: $102  
Hotel Class:
4747 South Howell Avenue
Milwaukee, 53207 View map  
3-Star Hotel Rank: 14 of 28
Average review rating: 2.94
OpinionWell Value Index: 6
Traveler reviews analyzed: Expedia (39) , MyTravelGuide (538) , Travelocity (5) , TripAdvisor (212) , YahooTravel (23)
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1. We got a really good deal, and paid a very cheap price per night-I had a look at the website, and from what is charged by them, we paid 1/3: Even at those prices it was disappointing, and I'm glad we didn't pay full fare for the stay.
"Not sure I'd stay there again until they get a revamp... " Read full review on TripAdvisor   11/30/2011 Vote      
2. Through our travel agency, we get a great deal on the room as part of our vacation package and saved a lot of money on parking.
"Great Park & Fly, Property Needs Updating " Read full review on TripAdvisor   11/24/2011 Vote      
3. We got a good deal on a room from hotwire, but boy the place is shabby.
"High time for a remodel! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   7/31/2011 Vote      
4. Considering the amount I paid for the hotel coupled with the very decent accommodations, the free airport shuttle and the free parking this Wyndham was a great deal.
"Came away impressed " Read full review on TripAdvisor   12/16/2010 Vote      
5. The pictures and deals they offer are too good to be true and it was my fault for falling it for it.
"Please Don't Make Me Go Back " Read full review on TripAdvisor   9/6/2010 Vote      
6. We were greeted very nicely at the front the desk, and the ladies there were very helpful and nice to deal with.
"Nice people terrible rooms. " Read full review on TripAdvisor   9/2/2010 Vote      
7. It is one of the best deals for park and fly, though, and we were going to be gone for 10 days.
"Pleasantly surprised at new renovations " Read full review on Expedia   1/5/2010 Vote      
8. He told the front desk and they credited us 20 dollars, then the remote for the TV didn't work and someone came right away to fix it, the guy who came to give us a crib came quickly but did not set up the crib (not a huge deal, but expected of hotel staff especially if you have to be tipping them all the time), room service food was pretty good and front desk gave us a 10% coupon off for the meal which was great, they brought an extra cot for us very quickly.
"Kept up all night by hot couple upstairs from us, hair in bathtub, but nice front desk staff -have seen worse. " Read full review on TripAdvisor   3/16/2009 Vote      
9. I had booked this room on Priceline and got a great deal, but when I read previous/recent Tripadvisor reviews I became very nervous.
"Wonderful stay " Read full review on TripAdvisor   7/10/2008 Vote      
10. I booked my room on Priceline and got a good deal, so I have no complaints about the quality of the hotel and my stay there.
"Park at your own risk! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   5/15/2008 Vote      
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