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Sky Hotel Aspen

Average Price: $440  
Hotel Class:
709 East Durant Avenue
Aspen, 81611 View map  
4-Star Hotel Rank: 3 of 9
Average review rating: 3.7
OpinionWell Value Index: 3
Traveler reviews analyzed: Expedia (18) , MyTravelGuide (13) , Travelocity (6) , TripAdvisor (126)
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1. Some nice extra amenities were the free in-town shuttle, comp breakfast buffet and hot chocolate in the lobby in the afternoon (great when returning from skiing!).
"Perfect Hotel! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   1/12/2012 Vote      
2. The Sky is in a terrific location in the heart of downtown, near great restaurants, shopping, a grocery store and a liquor store It's got a beautiful, modern lobby and bar that connects to a chic pool with hot tub.
"Everything you need in Aspen " Read full review on TripAdvisor   8/1/2011 Vote      
3. Kimpton cool evident in the lobby, bar, pool area and the rooms.
"Great little find in downtown Aspen " Read full review on TripAdvisor   6/14/2010 Vote      
4. )Cons:heating system was a little loud (we just turned it off at night by setting thermostat to 65)wireless internet was slow at high-traffic timesjacuzzi bathtub was a little loud and finicky (could use updating)Neutral:Lobby was frequented by groupie type people who looked like they were literally just hanging out trying to look beautiful and wealthy (May not be a con depending on your sexual appetites.
"An excellent ski vacation " Read full review on TripAdvisor   1/5/2010 Vote      
5. The hotel is very well located, with cool lobby decor, a small pool and a 5:00pm wine reception each evening.
"Nice Stay - Helpful Staff " Read full review on TripAdvisor   7/1/2009 Vote      
6. So impressed with the lobby when we dropped the car at the valet.
"Leopard furs, flat screen and Super8 feel " Read full review on TripAdvisor   1/3/2008 Vote      
7. at least the lobby and the bar are nice.
"Leopard furs, flat screen and Super8 feel " Read full review on TripAdvisor   1/3/2008 Vote      
8. The lobby and employees are very good but the whole experience is DEFINITELY not worth the price.
"Not worth the $ " Read full review on Travelocity   9/1/2007 Vote      
9. We walked into the lobby and the bar, patio and Libby was packed with Apres skiers having a blast.
"The only choice in Aspen! " Read full review on TripAdvisor   3/12/2012 Vote      
10. Passing through the lobby is 39 degrees lounge, bar and restaurant.
"Great stay " Read full review on TripAdvisor   1/26/2012 Vote      
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