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Hotel deLuxe

Average Price: $164  
Hotel Class:
729 SouthWest 15th Avenue
Portland, 97205 View map  
3-Star Hotel Rank: 1 of 75
Average review rating: 4.43
OpinionWell Value Index: 8
Traveler reviews analyzed: Expedia (67) , MyTravelGuide (50) , Travelocity (13) , TripAdvisor (570) , YahooTravel (10)
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Hotel Highlights
The best and worst features in each category are highlighted below, and comments summarizing traveler opinion have been pulled from analyzed reviews.
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Rooms Category includes comments associated with guest rooms of the hotel.
70% of comments associated with this category were positive.
Above Average Features
100% wrote positive comments
The suite, like the rest of the hotel, is decorated in an art deco style that is quite pleasing.
The suite is great for a family(has a pull out couch bed).
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Bed Traveler Insight - Comfortable Beds
95% wrote positive comments
The bed was comfortable.
The bed was so comfy.
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94% wrote positive comments
The beds and pillows were very comfortable.
The pillow menu is great.
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92% wrote positive comments
We'd a nice view of downtown.
I had a standard room on the 6th floor with a great view of downtown.
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Below Average Features
Room Traveler Insight - Small Rooms
64% wrote positive comments
The King Deluxe room was tiny.
The rooms and baths are a bit small.
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Bathroom Traveler Insight - Bathroom issues
44% wrote positive comments
The bathroom was really tiny.
Our room was fairly basic and did not feature any panoramic views, and the bathroom was dated but charming.
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