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Hotel Preston

Average Price: $128  
Hotel Class:
733 Briley ParkWay
Nashville, 37217 View map  
3-Star Hotel Rank: 7 of 56
Average review rating: 3.84
OpinionWell Value Index: 9
Traveler reviews analyzed: Expedia (68) , MyTravelGuide (249) , Travelocity (26) , TripAdvisor (413) , YahooTravel (33)
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Hotel Highlights
The best and worst features in each category are highlighted below, and comments summarizing traveler opinion have been pulled from analyzed reviews.
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Rooms Category includes comments associated with guest rooms of the hotel.
67% of comments associated with this category were positive.
Above Average Features
Bed Traveler Insight - Comfortable Beds
95% wrote positive comments
comfortable bed.
Comfy bed.
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91% wrote positive comments
The bed was comfortable, with a choice of pillows.
I request two extra soft pillows.
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Below Average Features
69% wrote positive comments
Room was clean.
After a few minutes the smell left the room.
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54% wrote positive comments
You want to use a dirty towel from a strangers.
Towels were hard to find both days.
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Shower Traveler Insight - Shower Issues
45% wrote positive comments
Shortly thereafter, I used the restroom only to notice the bold line of mold in the shower.
The bathroom has a scummy drop ceiling in it, and I showered in my flip-flops because the shower was gross.
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33% wrote positive comments
Not to mention our bathroom was dirty.
The bathroom was tiny with no ventilation fan.
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