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Glidden House Inn

Average Price: $168  
Hotel Class:
1901 Ford Drive
Cleveland, 44106 View map  
3-Star Hotel Rank: 8 of 22
Average review rating: 4.07
OpinionWell Value Index: 5
Traveler reviews analyzed: Expedia (35) , MyTravelGuide (1) , TripAdvisor (120) , YahooTravel (14)
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Hotel Highlights
The best and worst features in each category are highlighted below, and comments summarizing traveler opinion have been pulled from analyzed reviews.
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Rooms Category includes comments associated with guest rooms of the hotel.
85% of comments associated with this category were positive.
Above Average Features
88% wrote positive comments
We recommend the suites, but the king rooms are great, too.
Desk was exceptionally helpful in finding a suite for us - hotel was all but full.
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85% wrote positive comments
It had all the expected amenities and a comfortable bed.
The subfloor by the bed was coming apart with a big divot hole.
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85% wrote positive comments
The room was very clean and comfortable.
Comfortable rooms, nice bathrooms.
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83% wrote positive comments
The only challenge was that the shower only allowed for heat slightly above lukewarm.
Also in the bathroom - the shower set up was tricky - had the rain shower and a regular showerhead - but you actually had to get in to turn them on - got a lovely blast of cold from both before I could get the setting correct - a little card posted to instruct on the uses of the floor heat and shower would be helpful.
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83% wrote positive comments
Bathroom was clean with better than average toiletries.
The rooms are charming, although my second-floor suite had some water damage on the ceiling and bathroom fixtures that could have used an update.
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Below Average Features
66% wrote positive comments
As we turned down Ford Drive, we smiled as a beautiful mansion came into view: the Glidden House Inn.
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