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aloft Portland Airport at Cascade Station

Average Price: $135  
Hotel Class:
9920 NorthEast Cascades Parkway
Portland, 97220 View map  
3-Star Hotel Rank: 3 of 75
Average review rating: 4.38
OpinionWell Value Index: 9
Traveler reviews analyzed: Expedia (16) , TripAdvisor (307)
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Hotel Highlights
The best and worst features in each category are highlighted below, and comments summarizing traveler opinion have been pulled from analyzed reviews.
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Rooms Category includes comments associated with guest rooms of the hotel.
79% of comments associated with this category were positive.
Above Average Features
88% wrote positive comments
Comfortable bed.
Our room was very clean and the bed was so comfy I wanted to bring it home.
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87% wrote positive comments
Great view of airplanes taking off/landing at night out window (no noise).
The signature aloft sexy-shower (translucent view into the bedroom area) is nice for couples.
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80% wrote positive comments
The bath was nice, no tub but a big shower.
Nothing great to write home about, typical overpriced hotel bar, Room rate included free breakfast which was actually a 5 dollar credit that could only buy you a frapochina and a cookie (hardly a breakfast) The trendy bath area looks like a prison showerTrendy image and scene, but its like putting lipstick on a pig.
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79% wrote positive comments
The rooms were clean.
I never hear hall or room noise, not even airplanes.
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Shower Traveler Insight - Great Showers
76% wrote positive comments
Cool clear glass shower and nice shower head.
I thought the water pressure in the shower and for the toilet was dismal and for being a new hotel a roof tile was coming down.
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Below Average Features
42% wrote positive comments
The bathroom facilities presented another uncomfortable situation.
In the case of the bathroom, the modern design is a little bit of a shortcoming.
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